(solo show)
Banana Jam Gallery, Shenzhen (CN)
27.04 — 19.05.2019

The exhibition is expanded as a multiple of visual and conceptual elements about the language of objects. They reflect and establish different relationships about the complex reality we live in and the representations we have created. Simple elements become symbols that codify ideas, juxtapositions build metaphors about the world, the space and what we consider artificial.
At times trying to make the distinction of what is copied, duplicated, faked, simulated, artificial; the technical differences between the objects tend to be more simple and obvious than the conceptual differences that they imply.

View at Banana Jam Gallery, Shenzhen. (2019)

duplicates, 2019

Plastic plant Fejka from IKEA, bamboo plant, 170L soil, plinth;
120 x 200 cm

After all, a net is not a net. A plant is not just a plant.

All the artworks are thought of as objects which were processed, manufactured, recreated, rendered, first by me as an artist, but before that, by us, human beings. From a distant point of view, people are invited to see a part of this artificial world that we live in, made of things that do not serve us.

In this exhibition I don’t address the matter of current developments of, for example, robots nor does the exhibition have any human visual elements. Nevertheless, we human beings are the main subject of this exhibition and its pieces. What is implied is that the world we are building is increasingly artificial and infertile; we are altering the world to be a desert land.

I’m looking to bring into light some of the rigid and inflexible structures that we use to perceive and act in the world by testing (and learning at the same time) the limits of these objects.

31º05’32.5”N   7º55’44.6”W, 2018

Photolithography and silkscreen, 56.5 x 81 cm

natural_landscapes, 2019

Inkjet prints on aluminium board;
18 x 28.5 cm

neutrality 100%, 2019

Inkjet print on aluminium board, 59.5 x 90 cm

the_sea, 2019

Video, 11 min. (in loop, no sound)

the_sea, 2019

Inkjet print, 150 x 264 cm

Exhibition views at Banana Jam Gallery, Shenzhen. (2019)