Catarina Braga (b. 1994, Portugal) is an interdisciplinary artist currently living and working in Portugal.

Catarina Braga develops her artistic practice around social problems we are currently living such as the rising of conspiracy theories, the overuse of images in our culture, the global warming crisis, and the power structures that use certainty to establish our social-political systems. 

The work I do is characterized by the multiplicity and the crossing of several mediums such as installation, video, photography, text, publication, ceramics.
It’s through my artistic practice that I actively search to open dialogues and conversations that reflect on our belief systems, on our fixed mindsets which value certainty over curiosity, and on the relationships we have with the world. 

By making use of certain key-elements — such as plastic plants and landscapes photographed through Google Earth — the installations I build try to produce the same open-source environment lived on the internet - almost as a laboratory to be experimented with.

Oftentimes I use philosophical thought experiments, wikipedia entries and found images on the internet to question and try to destroy the idea of an “absolute truth”. 


For any questions or collaborations send me an e-mail to: