HMV_II, 2023

Metal shelves, volcanic rocks, jars, mirrors, indoor air measuring device (working in real time), plants (Spathiphyllum wallisii, Fatsia japonica 'Spider Web', Pachira aquatica, Howea forsteriana, Dypsis lutenses, Monstera deliciosa ‘variegata’, Phalaenopsis 'Minimark' orchid and Cymbidium orchid), books, seeds, and prints of scientific data with indoor air profiles and graphs; variable dimensions.

group exhibition ‘Field Theory’, oMuseu, Porto (PT)
05.05 — 19.05.2023

(solo show)  
FEUP Library, Porto  (PT)
01.03 — 10.03.2023

Fragments of an investigation carried out at the end of the 21st century get intermixed with the invisibility of the object of study — indoor air.

From a speculative practice between the scientific process and the artistic process with all the affective, political, social and cultural conditions that we create with the things of the world, the appearance of a new body is proposed. It is inside a fictionalised laboratory that we get to see this collective, symbiotic and ancestral organism; a multispecies entity that transcends the borders between terrestrial bodies (mineral, human, vegetal, animal, technological) and time and space.

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Installation view at FEUP Library, Porto. (2023)

Installation view; 
indoor air measuring device showing in real time levels of CO2 and PM2.5.

HMV_II, 2023

Greenhouse structure, grow lights, metal shelves, volcanic rocks, jars, plants; variable dimensions.

Installation view in the exhibition ‘Field Theory’, at oMuseu, Porto. (2023)