(photographs for reference only - this room is to be felt)

LED grow light, mylar fabric,
room temperature of 38ºC;
variable dimensions.

Growth Room is an installation room made of artificial plant lights — or so called, grow lights — used to stimulate the photosynthesis in plants which aren’t exposed to sufficient natural light, essential to their normal growth.
The room in which these lights are installed recreates a very specific and controlled environment intended to (re)create a natural phenomenon: the plants’ photosynthesis.
This type of light (red and blue) together with the high temperature inside the room makes it the ideal environment for plants to thrive and grow much faster.

By recreating and experimenting with these climate conditions, I would like to propose an exercise for each human body: the possibility of a more spiritual connection to the growth of plants.
Because in fact, inside of this growth room we have a chance to be a part of it; the art object inside of it becomes our human body and its manifestation — our sweat.

     Growth Room, 2019
     View of the room at the group show ‘RETURN’,
     at the Arbre Art Center, Shenzhen.