Playing with our perception of reality and recreating a gesture of returning a plastic plant back to its nature, this intervention in the garden of the hospital center Conde Ferreira tries to re-contextualize the object.

What is the natural habitat of plastic plants? 

It's a gesture that preserves its flaw of doing something in vain. The action only leaves the record of this performance, and of this desire to give the plant back to nature again.
I planted a Fejka plastic plant mass-produced from IKEA in the garden of the space.

With the passage of time the plant slowly camouflages itself with the rest of the vegetation around it, thus creating a play of simultaneous presence and absence, and an uncertainty between artificial and natural.


Intervention and installation of the work in the garden at the 
‘Jardim do Éden’ exhibition, Centro Hospitalar Conde Ferreira,
Porto. (July 2016)

           @ 2023 Catarina Braga