"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it,
does it make a sound?"

Collection of Fundação de Serralves

in the group exhibition ‘Linhas de Vento — Percursos artísticos na Natureza
Galeria Municipal de Matosinhos (PT)
25.11.2022 — 23.04.2023

in the group exhibition ‘LOSS OF AURA
Pedro Oliveira Gallery, Porto  (PT) 
05.03 — 07.05.2022

in the group exhibition ‘A Fluid Space’
Great Art Space Gallery, Shenzhen  (CN) 
19.10 — 24.11.2019



Installation of giclée prints on silk
of 90 x 60 cm; variable dimensions.

The title of the work alludes to the philosophical thought experiment which questions whether the human perception interfere in changing reality. Does reality continue to exist, even when no one is looking?

The images are photographs taken using Google Earth’s platform which showed the digital landscape of the Amazon Forest in Brazil, just as it was represented at the time - summer of 2019 - when there were huge fires being put in the forest due to the interests of the livestock industry and the exploration of the land for soy plantations.
Printed on silk — an organic material made by silkworms — these images make use of a material that, in order to be profitable, requires to kill the animals which produce it.

The questions being raised  by the work try to be the same raised by the reality of what is currently happening, not only in the Amazon Forest, but on a more universal level, trying to question what precedes the current ecological crisis we’re living and a kind of lived illusion of a fantasized distance between us, individuals, and what happens far away. 

We ought to question the belief systems we currently practise as a society and how they affect our reading of images nowadays.



                View of the work at the group show ‘A Fluid Space’ at  
                 Great Art Space Gallery, Shenzhen. (2019)

Also published in Alix.

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